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Mesa Boogie's Lone Star® Series of Cabinets are tuned for a vintage vibe that integrates punch and authority with an exceptional balance of warmth and detail. The clarity and punch provided by their top-quality construction, materials and speakers is perfectly paired with the focused bass, sweet mids and high-end transparency of a rear-loaded open-back cabinet design. Lone Star cabinets are the perfect match of course for your Lone Star Special or Lone Star Classic head, and are available in 19" compact and 23" wide 1x12 configurations, as well as the full size 2x12 version. Each Lone Star cabinet's rear panel is carefully tuned to maximize bass response and fullness while retaining the signature sparkle and detail of an open-back voice. They share the same 5/8" void-free Baltic Birch ply as Mesa's legendary Rectifier® cabinets to create the resonant signature and road-tough construction their cabinets are known for.