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Scott Stine is a tremendously gifted guitarist, greatly influenced by artists such as Paul Gilbert, Tony MacAlpine, Michael Lee Firkins, and Yngwie Malmsteen, among others. In the early nineties Scott joined Texas guitarist Derek Taylor and formed the band Tommy Lamey. Together he and Derek competed in the Ibanez./Tascam/Guitar Center "Jam with Paul Gilbert" guitar contest where they won first and second place. In early 1993 Tommy Lamey (later changed to Crimeny) was signed to Shapnel Records on what owner Mike Varney considered "their instrumental playing abilities alone". Derek and Scott subsequently released solo albums. Scott's album "Broke" was very well received in the Instrumental guitar world and cracked the top 40 on the import charts in Japan.

In 1994 Scott Joined another Shrapnel Records band, Haji's Kitchen, and he and Haji guitarist Eddie Head landed an Ibanez endorsement for their use of the company's 7-string guitars, and traveled the country doing clinics. During that same time, Derek Taylor was working on his next project, Eniac Requium, and enlisted the talents of Scott and his brother Brett to record for the album. Once again Japanese fans clambored for more and an article was written about Scott for Young Guitar Magazine.

In addition to his Shrapnel Records projects, Scott also played in the local cover band Tropix, and was offered the position of Instrumental Music Director at The LifePoint Church in Plano Texas, a position he continues to hold today. During his tenure at LifePoint Scott has been a part of three worship recordings and participated in the Liquid Note Records Compilation CD Project, The Alchemists.