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While you may not be familiar with Ron Thorn's name, if you are a fan of custom guitars you have probably seen Ron's work. Ron is THE most in-demand custom inlay artist for brands like Fender Custom Shop, Charvel, Jackson, BC Rich, and more. In 1982, at the age of 13, Ron Thorn was given a "Prestige" branded guitar neck from a friend. No body, no parts, no clue. Being raised in a family of carpenters and having a wood-shop at his disposal, turning this into a functioning electric guitar didn't require a second thought. With Fair Warning cranking on the stereo, he and his father built and painted a custom shaped body. Junior-high "Metals" class is where a pickguard and bridge were hand-made, and a single Seymour Duncan pickup, purchased at a local music store, provided the heat. Ron was off and running as a guitar player, but more importantly a guitar builder.
In 1993, Thorn Custom Inlay was officially born and by the mid '90s he and his father became the sole inlay artists for the Fender Custom Shop, a position he is still proud to retain today. Late 2000, after a few years of building necks and bodies for numerous boutique builders, Thorn Custom Guitars was launched with the Artisan series.

The Guitar Sanctuary and Ron Thorn are proud to introduce the SoCal G/T-A series, a special carved top custom guitar built only for our store, with the highest quality woods, hardware, and pickups, and Ron's exquisite attention to detail and incredible inlay work. Each one will be unique.