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TC Electronic Polytune 3 Pedal Tuner with Built-in Buffer

TC Electronic Polytune 3 Pedal Tuner with Built-in Buffer

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Presenting the all new TC Electronic Polytune 3 Pedal Tuner with built-in Bonafide buffer.

When it was first introduced in 2010, the original TC PolyTune pedal revolutionized the way musicians tune their instruments. Praised by professional and amateur players alike, PolyTune made guitar tuning as simple as Strum - Tune - Rock! So how do you make the world's best-selling polyphonic tuner even better? For a second time? Simple. You make it do more.

Whilst retaining popular features, such as multiple tuning modes - including polyphonic, chromatic, ultra-precise strobe mode and alternate tunings - TC Electronic has added one key new feature: a buffer. But not just any buffer. By incorporating TC's acclaimed BonaFide Buffer into PolyTune 3 they ensure that your signal - and therefore your tone - remains pristinely preserved over long cable runs and complex pedal setups.

• Built-in, high quality BonaFide Buffer
• Selectable True Bypass / True Buffer modes
• "Always On" tuning mode

Whether you're a mega rock star, a seasoned pro or a passionate bedroom shredder, the PolyTune 3 gets you in tune quickly and accurately. Depending on your needs, you can choose polyphonic mode for tuning all strings at the same time for your live gig, chromatic mode for more precision during a songwriting session, and strobe mode for the ultimate in precision when you're laying down tracks.

How do you want to tune? The PolyTune 3 lets you switch between true bypass and buffer modes, the latter giving you an "always on" option that keeps the tuner in full operation - even when your signal is not muted. Tuning made simple and more efficient than ever.

Whether you're performing on a truck bed in full sunlight, a dimly-lit tavern, or a stage with a massive light show, PolyTune 3's super-bright 109-LED display features an ambient light detector that automatically adjusts the intensity to provide the perfect readout.

The PolyTune 3 provides high-precision tuning with just a quick strum, whilst the Bonafide Buffer keeps your signal transparent and strong - no matter how many stomps you use, or how long your cable runs. Plus, you'll have the most-versatile polyphonic tuner on the market, right at your toes.
TC Electronic PolyTune 3 pedal overview

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