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The Guitar Sanctuary is proud to be a Gibson dealer. Gibson represents one of the most legendary guitar brands, with a strong history in Electric and Acoustic guitars, and their designs have influenced a great deal of the builders that have followed them.

We stock guitars from Gibson's USA, Custom Shop, and Montana (Acoustic) divisions, specializing in lots of signature and limited run instruments. Whether you're after a Les Paul, an SG, an ES-335, a Flying V, a Firebird, a J45, a Hummingbird, a Dove, a J200, an Advanced Jumbo, a Limited Edition, Historic Collection, or Signature model, we've got you covered.

Per our dealer agreement with Gibson you can't purchase our inventory directly from our web site, so Please contact us by phone (972)540-6420, use our Live Chat feature, or email us at and let us help you get the Gibson of your dreams on its way to you.