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Dept. 10 Dual Distortion Pedal

Dept. 10 Dual Dual Distortion Pedal

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Presenting the all new Dept. 10 Dual Distortion Pedal from Blackstar Amplification.

Brought to you by the R&D division of Blackstar Amps, responsible for blue-sky innovation and design, Dept. 10 are the most advanced valve pedals in the world.

At the heart of each Dept. 10 pedal is an ECC83 triode valve (12AX7 Preamp tube), running at more than 200V internally like a valve amp, which allows them to deliver organic tone, dynamics and break up.

The Duals are perfect for use as a valve interface for recording, or to seamlessly add valve tone and drive to your pedalboard, complete with built-in FX Loop.

For those requiring higher gain, the Dept. 10 Dual Distortion takes things up a notch over the Dual Drive. A formidable sounding valve distortion pedal and a world-class valve recording preamp – with 3 crunch/overdrive voices alongside the clean channel, Blackstar's patented ISF control, low latency USB, XLR out and Dept. 10’s proprietary Cab Rig simulator technology.

Dual Distortion includes Cab Rig, Blackstar's next-generation DSP speaker simulator that reproduces the sound and feel of a mic'd up guitar cab in incredible detail. Deep-dive using the accompanying free software and capture the incredible tones via USB / XLR out or headphones.

Adding to this, an in-built effects loop allows for effortless integration with your pedalboard which when used with the XLR D.I. which can also make for a great sounding and flexible backup amp.

Valve Recording Interface: Low latency USB audio connectivity, allows the Dual preamp pedals to operate as standalone valve interfaces/sound cards. Simply plug direct to your laptop, desktop or tablet via USB and capture amazing valve tone.

Cab Rig™ DSP Speaker Simulator: Cab Rig uses state of the art digital processing to reproduce the sound and feel of a miked up guitar cab in incredible detail whilst overcoming many of the shortfallings of traditional IR's. Over 250 mic and cab combinations can be saved into one of the three onboard slots. Each cab has a choice of mic type and axis, alongside room mics and master EQ.

Impulse Response (IR) based speaker simulators are a great snapshot of a setup but they have inherent latency and potential phase issues when mixing more than one together. Dept. 10's new advanced algorithm simulates a speaker, cabinet, mic and room with incredible detail with effectively zero latency, no phase mismatch and with much more flexibility than a ‘snapshot’ IR.

Precision & flexibility: Cab Rig allows you to select a cab mic’d up with a variety of different microphones both on- and off-axis. You also have the option to choose which style and size of the room you want to place these cabs in with complete control over how much or little of this you blend in alongside a recording console-style master EQ.

All in one place: Cab Rig is accessed from Dept. 10's new Architect software which is available for both PC and Mac. It has been developed from the ground up to be compatible with the latest and future operating systems, including Mac OS Catalina and Big Sur.

Custom designed in Northampton UK by our experienced R&D department, Cab Rig is unique to Blackstar. More than an Impulse Response. Complete flexibility with no latency or phase issues Cab Rig is a professional cabinet simulator giving you more control over your sound than a ‘snapshot’ IR.

Software compatibility: Architect is a completely new software platform designed to be compatible with the latest and future PC and Mac operating systems, including Mac OS Catalina and Big Sur.

Patented ISF Tone Stack: Dept. 10 Dual Drive and Dual Distortion come equipped with an amp style EQ with our patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature). The ISF control allows you to infinitely adjust the response of the tone control network between any of the traditional voicings in a way that has never before been possible.

9V Power Supply Included: All Dept. 10 pedals run at more than 200V internally just like a valve amp, however thanks to clever design can be powered with a standard 9V adaptor (included). This allows the ECC83 to deliver true valve tone and response while remaining pedalboard friendly.

Built-in Buffer / Line Driver: All Dept. 10 pedals feature a built-in buffer / line driver. Perfect for preserving your tone when using long cables, or large pedalboards, even driving low impedance pedals like many wah wah’s

Your Backup Amp: Venue backline down? No problem. Simply run the pedal’s XLR DI straight to the desk and connect your other effects via the built-in buffered effects loop. Use your pre-saved Cab Rig speaker simulations and deliver tone rivalling any mic'd up amp.
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