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Allow our in-house team from Omilion Audio help you plan, layout, and build your custom pedalboard that meets all of your needs and helps simplify your setup so that you can do what you do best: PLAY.

Whether it's a simple fly rig, a medium size gigging board, or the ultimate mega-build, we've got all of the gear, tools, and nohow to give you the ultimate in performance.

All builds are done with Soldered cables, using Mogami wire, and a combination of Squareplug and Switchcraft connectors.

We specialize in systems using loop switchers, including those from
RJM Music, MusicomLAB, TheGigRig, Disaster Area, and Boss, and can help you with programming and setup.

Give Brian Omilion (B2) a call at the store at (972)540-6420 to get the process started, or email

Some of our Latest Builds: