Guitar Shop Repair Rates

We offer a full suite of Guitar and Bass Repair services here at the store from our in-house Luthier Daniel Kirkland.

We strive to offer professional high quality repairs on your instrument, be it a vintage collectible or a well worn family heirloom. We do not settle for sub quality work and we treat every instrument that comes into our shop as one that we personally own. We also do our best to turn around our repairs as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to playing...

Shop hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 10am until 6pm.
Our most commonly requested service is a setup or a restring. Our rates for setups are as follows. (Please Note: These rates do not include the cost of strings for your instrument.)
6 String Full Setup: $85
Restring and Cleaning: $35
Floyd Rose Full Setup: $120

We offer the following services on a per quote basis
Neck resets, refrets, saddles and adjustments
Acoustic crack and major top repairs
Acoustic and electric stringed instrument upgrades and replacement parts
Pickup installs on both acoustic and electric instruments
Vintage stringed instrument repairs specializing in Gibson acoustics
Hollowbody/Archtop repairs
Other repairs include fingerboard replacement. Headstock repairs, neck reinforcement, truss rod replacement.
If you have a repair need that is not listed here feel free to contact us and discuss a solution.

We are also an authorized Warranty Service Center for several manufacturers. (original receipt required for any warranty service)
Our shop space does not allow for extensive finish or refinish work on acoustic or electric instruments. However we are more than happy to talk about small finish fills or repairs that your instrument may need.

Give us a call at (972)540-6420 or stop by the store to discuss your repair, or email

We do not offer any amp repairs at our store, but do have some shops in DFW that we'd highly recommend:
Mufich Audio in McKinney (214)425-2083
Audio Electronics in Dallas (214)349-5000
Slemmons Music Services in Dallas (214)747-1090
Audio Maintenance Professionals (AMP) in Richardson (469)941-4860