Guitar Shop Repair Rates

We offer a full suite of Guitar and Bass Repair services here at the store from our on-site technician.

We do not offer any amp repairs, but do have 3 shops in DFW that we'd highly recommend:

Mufich Audio in McKinney
Audio Electronics in Dallas
Slemmons Music Services in Dallas

Our Standard Shop Repair Rate is $75 per hour labor, and there is a 1/2 Hour Minimum Bench fee for Any Repair.

These prices are estimates only for common repairs and do not include the cost of materials (strings) and / or parts. As all repairs are different depending on the guitar and what is needed, the price for the actual repair may vary, so please speak with our technician for an estimate when dropping off your instrument.
Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any damage to instruments left without a case or gig bag, so please bring the instrument in with the appropriate case.

Restring and Clean with Basic Adjustment $35

6-String Acoustic Guitar$75
12-String Acoustic Guitar$95
Electric Guitar with Stoptail or Vintage Tremolo$75
Electric Guitar with Locking Tremolo$95
Electric Bass Guitar$75

Setups Include:
  • Restring
  • Clean and Oil Neck/Fingerboard
  • Check and Adjust Nut Height
  • Check and Clean Frets
  • Adjust the neck/Truss Rod
  • Check and Tighten Hardware
  • Bridge Adjustment
  • Action Adjustment
  • Set Intonation
  • Set Pickup Heights
  • Lubricate and Adjust Tuning Machines (open gear tuners)

Nuts and Saddles:
Hand Cut Bone Nut 6-String $75
Hand Cut Bone Nut 12-String $95
Hand Cut Bone/Custom Saddle $90

Fret Level $150
Dress Sharp Fret Ends $60
Refret Unbound Neck Ebony or Rosewood Fretboard $275
Refret Unbound Neck Maple Fretboard $325
Refret Bound Neck $350
Partial Refret $150 + $12 per Fret

Single Pickup Installation Rear Loaded Electronics $35
Single Pickup Installation Top Loaded Electronics $75
2 or 3 Pickup Installation Rear Loaded Electronics $50
2 or 3 Pickup Installation Top Loaded Electronics $75
Acoustic Pickup Systems (does not include side-mounted preamps or saddle work) $75-125
Replace Switch $35
Replace Pots $35-75
Replace Output Jack $35
Preamp Installation (does not include routing) $75

Tuning Machines:
Direct Replacement $35
New Tuner Installation requiring additional drilling/reaming $75

Structural Work:
Bridge Reset $130
Brace Reglue $75 plus $20 per Brace
Bridge Plate Replacement $200-250
Top Crack Fill and Patch $75+
Top Crack Rehumidify and Patch $150 (5 Day Minimum Wait Time)