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  PRS CAD Guitar Sanctuary 2 Channel GSA50 Head
Paul Reed Smith CAD Guitar Sanctuary 2 Channel GSA50 Head at The Guitar Sanctuary McKinney Texas

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EL34 Power Tubes
Heyboer Output Transformer
Global Reverb, with Pull Reverb Defeat for the Lead Channel
Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass and Bright Switch for each channel
Lead Master Volume
Clean Master Volume
4, 8 and 16 Ohm Selection
Two Output Jacks
Effects Loop
Footswitch - Controls channel selection and reverb on/off
Fire Red Figured Maple Front Panel with Gold Piping
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We've been big fans of PRS amplifiers ever since Paul, Doug Sewell, and their team put together their first designs and started production.  Paul, Doug, and everyone at PRS share The Guitar Sanctuary's passion for having the finest built guitars, amps, and equipment available to our customers.

We were honored when they approached us about doing our own Guitar Sanctuary amplifiers through their CAD program (Custom Amp Designs).  Geo and Brian put their heads together with Doug Sewell and Mike Clark in September of 2012 at the Experience PRS event and started working on the wish list and first prototype for what would become the "GSA 50" 2 Channel Head.

Handmade and handwired in Stevensville, Maryland, the GSA 50 starts with a PRS 2 Channel H as its platform, with a series of modifications and upgrades done to our specifications.

We changed the power tubes to EL34s, to give it a smoothness and additional midrange "girth", while maintaining the clarity and tight response of the Heyboer transformer.  The clean channel has plenty of flexibility in the EQ and the voicing to get as warm and dark or as bright and articulate as needed.  The Lead channel is capable of incredible articulation and saturation, with the dynamic response that players search for.  Rolling up and down on your guitar's volume control produces a great range of tones, and the differences in every guitar and pickup choice comes through regardless of how much gain you dial up.

We added a presence control, for additional definition and EQ capability.  The Presence control has a special Pull function, that changes the low end response and definition, adding a "bigness" to the sound when you are playing at lower volumes.

We moved the reverb control to the back of the amp, and added a special pull feature that defeats the reverb for the lead channel only, adding increased versatility.

The back of the amp also sports an adjustable boost control for the lead channel to give you an increase in volume and output when needed.  The boost is easily accessible from the footswitch, giving instant access for solos.

To finish off the amp, we've got a custom Fire Red flame maple front panel with gold piping, to match the Guitar Sanctuary color scheme.

The results have been nothing short of spectacular, and we're proud to be associated with such an incredible amp, and great company.

Doug Sewell said about the GSA50: ""When the Guitar Sanctuary approached us about building a run of Custom Amp Design 2-Channel's, we were excited to integrate our latest design ideas and apply all the details we've learned to date. The resulting CAD 2-Channel amplifiers exceeded my expectations."